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Mayhem Miller vs. EA Sports

Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller showed up at EA Sports HQ to playtest the latest version of their upcoming MMA game in 2009 and got an unexpected surprise when one of the programmers showed him his own character.

“Damn man, your sorry-ass abilities!” fellow fighter Muhammed Lawall said as ‘Mayhem’s’ character stats came up on the screen.

The programmer tried to move swiftly on, but the damage was done and ‘Mayhem’ started angrily shouting at other EA developers in the room.

“Naw man, what the f*ck, bro? That’s what you think?! That’s what you f**king think?!!” Mayhem yelled at Rob Hyder, the game’s lead developer.

The programmer tried to intervene, at which point Mayhem started shoving him and his own manager in a fit of rage.

He then turned back to Hyder, who said, “no disrespect,” at which point Miller suddenly broke character with a big smile on his face and told him, “I’m just f***ing with you man,” to widespread laughter and sighs of relief from the others in the office!

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