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Mitch Clarke

Disguised in a dodgy mullet and handlebar moustache, former UFC fighter Mitch Clarke went undercover at the world-famous Jackson-Wink gym in Alberquerque to play a prank on the members of an unsuspecting amateur class.

The class coach Joey Villasenor was in on the joke and introduced Clarke as an MMA enthusiast who had paid money to attend the class, train with other fighters and have his experience filmed.

Clarke then started sparring with some of the other classmembers, throwing comically bad punches and spinning backfists that soon attracted the attention of one of of Jackson-Wink’s best known fighters, Diego Sanchez.

“Looks like the standards at JW just…I dunno about this guy, think he might have snuck in the gym!” the bemused Sanchez said as he videoed the sparring session.

Later Clarke got a chance to grapple on the mat too and at that stage he started showing what he could really do, tapping out his opponent, who seemed embarrassed, but nevertheless said, “good sh*t man, you’re strong.”

“Thank you. I work out,” Clarke casually replied before adding, “Alberta Beef!” and then slyly grinning at the camera.

His grappling partner was visibly relieved later on when Villasenor finally revealed that he’d been punked by the UFC veteran and BJJ black belt.

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