Top Seven Most Hilarious Rivalries in MMA History


4. Wanderlei Silva vs. Chael Sonnen

This should have been an epic rivalry. It should have earned each guy a lot of money. When it was all over however, both guys would fail drug tests in epic fashion and be gone from the UFC.

Sonnen has made a point of being an MMA bad guy. He did this with great success against Anderson Silva, earning high PPV buyrates each time they fought. It was hoped that Brazil’s hatred of Sonnen could be used to create an exciting season of the Ultimate Fighter Brazil.

To open the season, Silva demanded that Sonnen apologize for things he said about many Brazilian martial artists. Sonnen recounted how this went down on his podcast recently. He said when the cameras were off he told Silva that he was just working an act to make the fans hate him, and that if Silva played along they could each make a lot of money. According to Sonnen, Silva never got it, and ended up coming off poorly on TV as a result. Then the two ended up scrapping on set, instead of in the cage where they both could have gotten paid.

According to Sonnen, a drug-tester showed up on the TUF set and neither fighter knew what to expect. This was during the very early testing days, and Sonnen claims that the person had no identification, and there was no way to verify who the person was. The tester took Sonnen into a janitor’s closet and drew blood from him. Silva decided he wasn’t going to take the test at all and bailed. Silva was suspended for leaving, and Sonnen flunked the test because he was juiced up.

They are both in Bellator now, and are expected to fight after Sonnen beats up Tito Ortiz (hopefully) early next year.

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