Aljamain Sterling vs. Floyd Mayweather

UFC bantamweight contender Aljamain Sterling and his girlfriend were attending a pool party in Las Vegas the day after UFC 187 in 2015. Boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather Jr showed up and pointed to her to come and join him. She indicated she was with someone. But Mayweather then sent up one of his entourage up to ask her to join him. At that point, Sterling intervened. He told the person to pass on a message to the boxer.

“I don’t care how many guys he’s with, he needs to realize this isn’t the place where he just picks out any girl he wants and that’s not how it works over here by our section.”

However, the message must not have got through to Mayweather. He later sent another member of his entourage, this time a woman, to try and convince her to meet with the boxer. He also said Sterling could come too.

“If I go down there with her, I know how this goes — she gets in, I get stopped and I create a scene and someone gets shot or someone gets hurt and I’m probably going to get arrested,” Sterling speculated.

Sterling learned from a security guard that Mayweather often showed up and did this. But most people didn’t know how to react and just let it happen. Sterling wasn’t played for a fool, though. He said he’d gladly have fought Mayweather if he had to.

“Let’s see how many punches he can throw before his ass is on the ground or he gets kicked in the head.”

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