2. Jon Jones Hit-and-Run

Where to begin with Jon Jones? Jon Jones has done nothing but make himself look bad outside of the cage, even though he’s been nothing but dominant while inside of it.

His most recent accomplishment in this field was failing a pre-fight drug test for the main event bout of UFC 200, but that really made himself look bad more than anything else.  His worst accomplishment has to be the hit-and-run incident last April in New Mexico.  Jones ran a red light early in the morning and caused an accident with two vehicles, one of them containing a pregnant woman.  He then ran away from the scene, perhaps not knowing that his rental car agreement with his name on it was in the car.  Also an off-duty cop who was nearby said he saw Jon Jones leave the scene, which is a little damning as well.  Jones has had numerous DUI incidents, and potentially fled the scene because he was under the influence.

Jones was sentenced to 18 months supervised probation and now Daniel Cormier is the Light Heavyweight Champion.

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