9. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson Critical of Fighter Treatment

Rampage has done a few things that could be perceived as making the UFC look bad. Some will point to the police chase he had in his monster truck (with his name airbrushed on the side) throughout the streets of LA as being an example of this.  Jackson had reportedly been drinking nothing but energy drinks for some time and experienced a bout of psychosis, leading him to believe a friend of his was in danger. He then drove up on curbs, sent pedestrians flying, hit other cars and probably made fun of Darrill “Titties” Schooner (see TUF 10 for reference).  Nobody was seriously harmed (though some tried to claim they were) and Jackson was let off with only minor charges.

Its more been how vocal Rampage has been in his criticisms of the UFC that has made the company look bad.   In 2013 Jackson was very critical of the UFC for what he referred to as “taxing sponsors”.  He was referring to how when the UFC still allowed fighters to have their own sponsors, the company began requiring that sponsors also pay the UFC a certain amount of money.  Jackson went off on how this was bad for the fighters, so its probably safe to assume he doesn’t like the Reebok deal either.

Rampage would sign with Bellator in 2013 and was vocal about how they treated their fighters better, and would allow him to do movies and have sponsors.  Of course Jackson would attempt to get out of his contract with them as well just a short while later.

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