4. Georges St. Pierre on PEDs in UFC

Georges St. Pierre left the UFC shortly after Johny Hendricks refused his offers to pay for advanced drug testing ahead of their controversial Welterweight title fight at UFC 167.  While many factors played a role in GSP taking a leave from the sport, GSP would make public comments about the prevalence of steroids and PEDs in the UFC, and is only now in negotiations to return, shortly after the implementation of the USADA drug testing program.

St Pierre would make public comments stating that any steroid test failure was just the “tip of the iceberg” concerning how many fighters were using PEDs in the sport.  In May of 2015 GSP appeared on the MMA hour and stated that he had been in negotiations to return to the UFC at UFC 186 in Montreal but turned down the fight as he wanted to wait for the USADA testing program to be in place first.

GSP would also make public statements after the Reebok deal that fighters were afraid to speak up to Dana White and the UFC.

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