7. Randy Couture (Pretty Much His Whole Career)

Randy Couture’s career was basically one big contract dispute with the UFC.  He twice sat on the sidelines during contract negotiations while Couture held the company’s Heavyweight Championship.  The first time was back in 1997, when the company was forced to hold a tournament to claim the vacated title after contract negotiations with Couture fell through, he then did the same thing 10 years later.

In 2007 Couture announced he was leaving the UFC despite having 2 fights left on his contract.  Couture cited his displeasure with Chuck Liddell getting paid more than him and the company’s failure to sign Fedor Emelienko as his reasons for leaving.  While under contract with the UFC Couture stated publicly that he would be fighting Fedor Emelienko outside the UFC when his contract was up, which he believed would be shortly.  Unfortunately for people who wanted to see that fight happen however, courts ruled that Couture still owed the UFC 2 fights.  In 2008 Couture finally would get back in the cage for the UFC, where Dana White had no mercy and put him in there against Brock Lesnar, who outweighs him by at least 60lbs.

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