UFC 206 was supposed to be the return of Georges St. Pierre. It was supposed to be another mega-event in what has been a year packed with them. This event was supposed to bridge the gap between the UFC’s debut in New York and Ronda Rousey’s return.

Negotiations between the UFC and GSP broke down however, and as a result 206 feels like a ghost-card. What could have been headlined by Georges St. Pierre now has an imaginary championship in the main event.

from MMA Fighting
from MMA Fighting

Following the announcement that GSP would not be fighting at UFC 206, Cormier vs Johnson 2 was declared the main event. Even that ltitle bout paled in comparison to what could have been. Then, that fight fell through as well. Cormier went down with injury, and Pettis vs Holloway was moved into the main event spot.

Despite UFC’s failure to provide main event appeal for 206, there are still plenty of reasons to watch the show.

Here are 7 reasons why UFC 206 won’t be as bad as you think…


from Bloody Elbow
from Bloody Elbow

Donald Cerrone vs Matt Brown

Cerrone will be the first of two fighters on this card who were recently announced as members of the new fighter’s association. If Cerrone wins, he will be the first fighter involved with the MMAAA to be given a live microphone at a UFC event. It’s possible, but not likely, that Joe asks Cerrone about his new affiliation.

Regardless of Cerrone’s involvement with the group, his fight with Matt Brown on Saturday could be a FOTN candidate. Both fighters are known to have exciting bouts, so when pitted together things could get interesting.

Brown really needs a win here. He has dropped 4 out of his last 5 bouts, though granted many those losses were against the elite of the division. Brown dropped a welterweight title fight to Robbie Lawler in 2014, but before that he had won 7 in a row.

Cerrone has won 3 straight after dropping a title fight to RDA late last year.

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