Derrick Lewis

Derrick Lewis makes this list partly due to his stunning victory over the in-form Alexander Volkov at UFC 229, despite have come off second best for most of the fight.

Though he was physically exhausted, Lewis never stopped swinging for the fences, and in the final moments of the fight he landed a crushing right hand that floored Volkov, with follow-up ground and pound bombs securing a stunning come-from-behind knockout victory with only 11 seconds left on the clock.

However, ‘The Black Beast’s’ post-fight antics stood out even more after he opted to take his shorts off and sling them over his shoulder during his Octagon celebrations.

When Joe Rogan asked him why in his post-fight interview, Lewis matter-of-factly replied, “My balls was hot.”

Lewis also went on to quip that, “Before the fight, Donald Trump called me and said I gotta knock this Russian [expletive] out, cause they’re making him look bad on the news.”

Lewis also swatted aside Rogan’s suggestion that he was now a title contender, stating, “I need to sit my black ass down and do some more cardio.  I don’t know what you’re talking ’bout right now, I aint trying to fight for no title.”

Lewis’ hilarious remarks went viral on social media and ‘The Black Beast’s’ Twitter account blew up, tripling his followers to a heady 1.2 million, while for the record, he did also land a title shot into the bargain.