Anthony Smith vs Jon Jones

Anthony Smith was a huge underdog heading into his light-heavyweight title fight with Jon Jones at UFC 235, and though he proved to be exceptionally tough in the Octagon, by the fourth round it was clear that he was being outclassed by the champion.

However, Smith was then granted a golden opportunity to win the belt when Jones landed an illegal knee to the head while he was still grounded.

Though he was dazed by the blow, Smith knew as well as anybody what his options were in that moment.

If he stayed down the fight would be waved off, Jones would be disqualified and he would become the new light-heavyweight champion and all the fame and fortune that comes with it.

A lesser fighter may have given in to that temptation, but not ‘Lionheart,’ who instead dusted himself off and said he wanted to fight on, even though it would lead to him losing the fight by unanimous decision.

“I said it from the beginning that I wanted to win the title and I know as well as anyone that I could have sat there and taken the DQ win but I wanted to win it, I didn’t want to steal it,” Smith said afterwards.